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Princeville, a peninsula of land that juts into the wild Pacific Ocean on the north shore of Kauai. Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii. We go here for its inspirational natural beauty.

The rawness of nature is reflected in unimaginable ways along the remote Napali Coast. It is equal to the Coast Highway in California, awesome beauty!

The Princeville Collection reflects the colors of the land, the native plants and flowers and lastly the wonderous meeting and embrace of land, sea and sky.

All the pieces are inspired by memories and experiences in this worldly nirvana. We hope you feel the same feelings we have when wearing any one of these elegant creations. They can be worn in a casual setting or in formal occurrences.

Regardless of the situation, your spirit will soar and your friends will be envious as you display your sophistication and freshness of choice. Mahalo!