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Rio de Janeiro is an awe-inspiring city of contrasts. Impossibly steep granite mountains jut out of the ocean between glorious stretches of golden sand, impeccable colonial buildings nestle in between modern glass skyscrapers and verdant forests tumble down hillsides into densely populated residential areas. Rio Carnaval has become world-famous through the Samba Parade, a show and a display. It is like a nightclub with live samba music played by an army of drummers. During Samba Nights, you can just have fun watching the crowd or dance yourself, while learning the samba.

Such a night is definitely an experience not to be missed and won't be forgotten. This collect has some pieces that will have you feeling all the excitement, sensuality and kaleidoscope of colors that are reflected in the revealing sexy costumes and magnificent headpieces. Even at Ipanema Beach each piece will set you apart from all the others. Even worn alone, if you dare, the eyes will be upon you as the warm Brazilian breeze blows across your face. Have fun, but not too much, because there may be someone you really know watching.