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Handmade custom designer bead fashion jewelry of glass seed beads, amber, pearls, turquoise, swarovski crystals, onyx, opal, agate including bead necklaces, bead bracelets, bead earrings and bead jewelry sets with the emphasis on quality workmanship and remarkable uniqueness in design. Handmade jewelry and seed bead jewelry. Here you will find vintage inspired jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and seed bead Jewelry. Gemstones, glass beads, crystal, freshwater pearls and silver. Colors, shapes, and textures are combined to make each piece of beaded jewelry a unique piece of wearable art... (click for more) The most popular worldwide fashion trends are unique bead jewelry designer pieces. We have made our designer jewelry collections in limited quantities for fashions worn around the globe. Our collections feature many bead jewelry patterns and handmade bead jewelry styles including beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets, beaded earrings and beaded jewelry sets with the emphasis on quality workmanship and remarkable uniqueness in design. The highest quality glass seed beads, amber, pearls, turquoise, swarovski crystals, onyx, opal, agate and other materials with great attention to details are characteristic of all our custom bead jewelry... (click for more) We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to beaded jewelry. New World Elegance designs and handcrafts custom beaded jewelry for any occasion. From casual to dress up, we have the perfect beaded jewelry piece for you! New World Elegance creates a wide variety of handcrafted beaded jewelry designs and beaded jewelry patterns in beaded bracelets, birthstone jewelry, earrings, necklaces, jewelry sets, gemstone jewelry, bridal and custom jewelry and even children's jewelry. Look for our new and exciting New World Elegance Jewelry Collections which always include unique and desirable items... (click for more) Now you can make every jewelry piece the perfect size. Our silver and gold jewelry extenders will allow you to extend your favorite jewelry with ease - necklace extenders or bracelet extenders are now available. We also know some of you have difficulty opening and closing conventional clasps so we are proud to offer customers our add-on magnetic clasp converters. These easy to use converters quickly and easily attach to most finished necklaces and bracelets... (click for more) For brides to be, New World Elegance would love to help you complete your wedding day plans with beautiful bridal jewelry. We will work with you to design a unique, one of kind jewelry set or piece for your special wedding day. We would also love to custom design a single piece or a complete jewelry set to match your wedding and bridemaids dresses. Check out our Endearment Bridal Collection to view some of our latest custom beaded bridal jewelry designs... (click for more) We believe in high quality without the high price! We take great pride in our work and use the best products available in beaded jewelry design. We use the finest quality Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Cultured Freshwater Pearls, Japanese TOHO Glass seed beads and unique gemstones including Jade, Garnet, Turquoise, Amethyst, Amber, Aventurine, Quartz, Jasper, Agate, Unakite, Peridot, Tigereye, Rhodonite and Coral... (click for more) New World Elegance handcrafts unique beaded jewelry you won't find anywhere else! We offer a large variety of fun to fancy jewelry handmade in the USA by designer Gloria K. Each jewelry design is one of a kind and nothing is mass produced. We invite you to browse our collections of handcrafted beaded jewelry designs made with beautiful gemstones, amazing freshwater pearls, stunning Swarovski crystals and unique glass beads... (click for more) So you've learned the basic Peyote stitch and worked about 2-3 dozen rows on a beadwork piece or project for a friend. Now you're addicted. And it's beads you want because it's beads that make this fun. So off to the store to load up on beads, and buy packages until you have one of each. Next comes storage containers, a work bench, all the accessories such as thread, needles, accent beads, wire, a bit of chain, a few crystals, and a few other thousand beautiful bits you must have. Then, back home to put it all away. Three weeks later, when you're almost halfway done putting up, you begin to hate beads. By the end of that week you have packed them up and taken them to the friend who taught you in the first place and left them for her without explanation.... (click for more) LEARN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING BEAD JEWELRY. Many people learn beadwork and jewelry making in order to sell the pieces they make. We can provide skills and knowledges which will assist you toward this end, whether selling in bricks and mortar settings, selling at craft shows, or selling on-line.... (click for more) GETTING STARTED WITH SEED BEADS focuses not just on the beads themselves, but on the other items you're going to need in order to create amazing beadwork. Technically, you should only need seed beads, perhaps Delica beads, thread, a needle and some scissors, but that's only in a perfect world. If you would like some great tips on how to prepare a workable beading area this is the place to begin.... (click for more) LEARN HOW TO DO BEAD WEAVING. Bead weaving is a collection of hundreds of different stitching techniques and strategies for creating pieces that approximate a piece of cloth. Stitches and beads create simple or elaborate forms using different techniques for connecting, interlocking and embellishing beads and beadwork. That's beadweaving and you see the results in amulet bags, beaded sculptures, beaded vessels, necklaces, bracelets, loomwork, appliqués and more. Many projects attempt to emulate a piece of cloth or textile while other projects are more figural or sculptural. There are many different techniques of bead weaving. The most popular are peyote stitch, right angle weave, loom work, brick stitch, ndebele, square stitch, and netting.... (click for more) LEARN JEWELRY DESIGN. Jewelry Design is the application of basic principles of artistic expression and construction. The jewelry artist applies these principles or rules when making choices about how best to manipulate the elements of the piece. These design elements might include: the positioning and/or ordering of things, the volume/area the piece takes up, the scale/size of the pieces, the colors, textures and patterns of individual pieces, and/or sets or groupings of pieces, the forms and structures, the materials/types of beads, stringing material, jewelry findings, the interplay of light, dark, shadow, reflection and refraction, the clasp assembly and other supporting systems. Great jewelry design answers the question: "Why do some pieces of jewelry draw your attention, and others do not?... (click for more) LEARN ABOUT BEADS AND JEWELRY FINDINGS. Gain a common language and understanding of beads, jewelry findings and tools you may be working with. Be acquainted with the world of beads, and the type of choices the bead artist and jewelry designer makes. Know the quality of beads before you buy and use them. How are beads made and the differences in quality and craftsmanship. What are the types, sizes, finishes, shapes and styles of beads. Where do beads come from and how have they been used historically. How to make intelligent choices about which stringing materials. What tools you will need, and how to buy them. What the pros and cons are of various clasps and other jewelry findings... (click for more) LEARN HOW TO DO BEAD STRINGING. There is an art and skill to stringing beads on cord. First is the selection of beads for a design and the the appropriate stringing material. The selection of a clasp or closure that is appropriate to the design and use of the piece comes next. Then choosing the strategy for stringing beads with cord, choices about knotting, braiding, multiple strands and a single tie-off, multiple strands with multiple tie-offs.... (click for more)